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The Midwest Sundowners are always accepting applications.  If you would like to join
the club you can click HERE for an application.


Midwest Sundowners Instructors

  Jim Manis
  Co-founder of J&J Flight School, Jim Manis is a phenomenal teacher and leader – bringing flight instruction to new heights (pardon the pun).  With an equal focus on discipline and humor – not only will you learn how to fly. You’ll learn how to laugh as you fly.

Anyone interested can come out and try their hand at aircraft flying out without joining anything. The AMA program is entitled the Intro pilot program and is intended to get people introduced to RC airplanes without the expense:

Under the AMA Introductory Pilot Program, a non-AMA person may receive lessons during a 60-consecutive-day period under the direction of a designated AMA Instructor. During supervised flight instruction, liability insurance is provided for the trainee for a 60-day period but only at the club site. Though the trainee will not receive a membership card, he/she is considered a member of the Academy while under the direct supervision of the currently registered designated Introductory Pilot. Introductory Pilots are charged with the responsibility to ensure that the trainees’ activities will be conducted in compliance with the AMA’s National Safety Code(s).